Moving Forward


Please realize that passing around the stories that 45th* believes 3 to 5 million people voted illegally and that there should be an investigation into this false claim is doing two things;

1) Distracting people from the fact that there should be vigorous Congressional and Department of Justice investigations into the meddling in our election by the Russians, Wikileaks, and perhaps a Trump campaign and FBI connection thereto, and
2) Allowing people to return to claiming that we must have a new election.
The 2016 election is over. We are not going to have a new election. We have a 45th President who will remain in office until he resigns, is unable to serve, is replaced by the Vice President under the 25th Amendment, or is removed from office after Impeachment by the House and a finding of guilt after trial in the Senate. We are best served accelerating the process of removing 45th* by bringing to the attention of the public;
1) The self dealing by this President and his Administration using our government for the personal gain of the President and his family,
2) The possibility of his loyalties being centered squarely within the interests of foreign governments,
3) The damage being done by the new administration to the everyday lives of all Americans, particularly working Americans many of whom voted for the new president or who voted for third or fourth party candidates thus helping to elect him, and
4) The need to organize and to vote for Democratic candidates in every election, local, state, and federal, beginning 2017 moving forward.

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