Scott Pruitt- Destroyer Of The Environment

Some have described Irony as the juxtaposition of incongruous elements. That description makes it easier to understand the concept and reasoning behind the new President’s pick to be the 14th Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt. This particular inhabitant of the new administration's swamp is the former Oklahoma attorney general, and the lifelong enemy... Continue Reading →

Not My President’s Day- Now What?

Presidents Day, 2017, saw Not My President’s Day rallies in some 30 cities across America. The national holiday was used as an opportunity by many Americans to peacefully express their collective sense of discontent, by those who are not able to accept the reality of the man who is now the forty-fifth President of the United... Continue Reading →

Steve Mnuchin And The Don’s Wall Street Con

Remember your most obnoxious friends during the primaries last summer? The ones who kept insisting that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were essentially the same, citing the few paid speeches made by Secretary Clinton to the Goldman-Sachs Company? Their silence has been thunderous in the face of the appointment of  six former Wall Street executives to... Continue Reading →

Correcting The Record On The Fine Tuned Machine

February 16, 2017 – The date of the 77 minute long press conference packed full of alt facts in a rambling, sometimes disjointed, presentation by our new President. This left The Democratic Road feeling the need to write this open letter in an attempt to correct the record, because sorry Mr. President, your administration is not running like, “A fine tuned machine”!... Continue Reading →

Congress Must Investigate The President

General Michael Flynn, the President’s national security adviser, has resigned. In light of the actions by Flynn and the new Republican administration leading up to this resignation, The Democratic Road joins with New York Democratic Congressman, Jerrold Nadler, who has called for the House Judiciary Committee to begin investigations, “Into President Trump and his associates’... Continue Reading →

Michael Flynn- Russian Ties, Potential Lies

We were all warned about the new administration’s ties to Russia long before inauguration day, January 20, 2017. Sadly, enough voters did not listen. The truth has now come out- Michael Flynn, the new President’s national security adviser, might have lied when he repeatedly denied having substantive policy discussions with Russian government officials.  The question... Continue Reading →

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