Nobody Gets Rich On Their Own


Democrats, Independents, Republicans.

Lend Me Your Ears!


Nobody but nobody in this country got rich on his own.

To start you off, your daddy gave you a little multi-million dollar loan.

You drove to work on roads we paved;

When you took bankruptcy, and Wall Street crashed, it was you we saved.


You employed workers we put through school;

Now you want to play us for some kind of fool.

You drank clean water, you breathed clean air;

Now you cut your taxes, raise ours, and call that “fair.”


You deregulate employers, deregulate polluters, but make rules for the bed room.

When your candidate comes off like Chester the Molester, now you change your tune.

We don’t take care of the seven billion people we have on this planet earth;

But now you feign concern about the unborn, but you’re not pro-life, you’re pro-birth.


I don’t believe you’re stupid; after all, you did succeed.

But for all your pious indignation, all I see is greed.

You say “trickle-down economics” is the way to create more jobs;

You create more jobs in China; over here we just get robbed.


You act just like the kings and queens we had in days of old;

We fight your wars for flag and country, but you get all the gold.

You preach about sin and preach about sex, and treat us all like pawns;

Whatever you do gets a media spin, but I think we’re getting conned.


I talked with some young folks yesterday,

They said the bad old Democrats wouldn’t let them have their way.

Now what was it they wanted, I asked them to say;

They thought Bernie Sanders should have gone all the way.


And then the Green Party candidate should be allowed to play,

(In the debates) and take the stage.

Well, the last third party candidate to get any

Electoral College votes was old George Wallace, back in 1968.


“Well, that wasn’t fair,” the young lady said.

Now a constitutional convention could change all that,

But all congress has to do is just declare that idea dead.

“And a violent revolution would change it too.”


Which could go well, or could go poorly, surely you know that’s true.

“Well, if we don’t get what we want, let’s make the whole thing crash.”

That was her story that was her song.

So I asked her, “Hey, what could go wrong?”


Well, the worst thing that could happen

Is another Great Depression, when the poor and middle class

Lost their houses, lost jobs, and lost all of their cash.

She granted me that concession, that the poor just lost their ass.


Some folks think the Great Depression was caused by the super rich,

The poor were hit the hardest, like Hurricane Katrina, left dead in a ditch.

“Short of a civil war, a crash, or what the corporate power elite fear;

I have a radical idea and it’s something not quite so severe.”


Well the young lady wanted to know what my radical thinking was.

She wanted change, and we agreed on the need:

But wanted to be true to her cause.


“Democracy is this revolutionary, radical thing,

And as far as progressive, it is really very left wing.”

“I read about a principle of economics, about the circulation of money,

How a rising tide floats all boats.

“Let’s fire up the teaming masses, torch lights, pitchforks,

And get them off their asses to just get out and vote.”

John Atherton


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