Nobody Gets Rich On Their Own

Democrats, Independents, Republicans. Lend Me Your Ears!   Nobody but nobody in this country got rich on his own. To start you off, your daddy gave you a little multi-million dollar loan. You drove to work on roads we paved; When you took bankruptcy, and Wall Street crashed, it was you we saved.   You... Continue Reading →

Beware Jeff Sessions

On the surface, Jefferson Beauregard "Jeff" Sessions III, seems to be a reasonable choice for a cabinet pick.  He has ample political experience, having served in varying capacities in Alabama's government since 1981, and he is 15th in seniority in the United States Senate.  So it has to be conceded that he knows his job... Continue Reading →

Building a Democratic Coalition

Democrats must form coalitions to win: give up to get up. This proposal is simple in concept, but difficult in execution. In reference to our current President, right wing pundits keep saying, “the voters elected” him. Trump did get millions of votes, but the fact is he lost the popular vote. Too many media pundits... Continue Reading →

Betsy DeVos Must Be Rejected

Teachers, unions and education experts nationwide have taken a stand against Betsy DeVos, the new administration’s pick for Secretary of Education. The reasons for this are numerous, chief among them that she has no experience in public education. A college graduate with a bachelor's degree in business administration and political science, DeVos has not taken... Continue Reading →

Getting To Know Rex Tillerson

This is a sad time for the United States. Rex Tillerson, former ExxonMobil CEO and current Russian property, has been sworn in as our Secretary of State. This means there are rough times ahead for virtually every aspect of humanity. ExxonMobil was responsible for the 1989 disaster off the Prince William Sound of Alaska, when... Continue Reading →

Russia, Iran, And War For Oil?

One day after lifting part of an Obama administration sanction directed against the Russian intelligence service (FSB), the new administration announced today economic sanctions on Iran. Today’s announcement of economic sanction on Iran clarifies yesterday’s bizarre statement from national security advisor, Michael Flynn, putting Iran on notice. Russia, of course, has become the leading supplier... Continue Reading →

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