Putin’s Other Puppets


The name Bernie Sanders did not appear on the ballot as a candidate for President in any state during the 2016 general election. Still, a large share of the blame for this disaster that is the current administration lies squarely on his shoulders, on the Bernie or Bust movement, and on the foreign support that kept his campaign alive for far too long driving voters away from Hillary Clinton. The evidence is clear that Sanders and Stein became the Ralph Nader’s of 2016, peeling off just enough votes from the Democratic candidate to hand the presidency to yet another Republican who lost the popular vote. They were used as Putin’s other puppets.

There are many hard core Sanders supporters still refusing to accept responsibility for what they have done. Susan Sarandon, the notorious supporter of spoiler candidates past, such as the aforementioned Ralph Nader, is one of them. Long before the official nomination of Secretary Clinton by the Democratic Party at last summer’s national convention, not only did Sarandon incorrectly predict a Clinton indictment, but when comparing Secretary Clinton to the now 45th President,  she said that,

I believe in a way she is more dangerous.

Sarandon explained in a November 4, 2016 interview why she wasn’t voting for Secretary Clinton but instead for Jill Stein, saying in a BBC interview that,

I don’t vote with my vagina.”

Just 24 days into the new administration, when asked during an interview by MSNBC’s Christopher Hayes, if the state of affairs would have been worse under a Clinton presidency,  Sarandon responded saying,

What is the point of even saying that?

The reasoning by Susan Sarandon, that a Hillary Clinton presidency would have been worse for America, quite clearly has been proven to be faulty over the first two plus months of the current administration.  There are others on the far left, like working class rust belt hero, Michael Moore, who was another early supporter of Sanders. Remember that in December, 2015, Moore had predicted a Clinton loss. He published on his personal webpage  the five reasons why he believed that the Republican candidate would win in 2016, which were essentially the repetition of the false attacks against Secretary Clinton, along with justification for either staying home or voting for a candidate not named Clinton.

Perhaps nothing is as crucial to the understanding of a given event as the knowledge of what caused it, especially if the event was negative. Before you can prevent a previous problem from happening again, you must find out what caused it in the first place. For example, if you decide to go swimming in the ocean near Fukushima, and you get radiation sickness, it would be logical to blame not just the radiation, but also your own poor decision to swim in those waters. Likewise, the supporters of Sanders who chose to vote for Gary Johnson, or Jill Stein, or to write in Bernie Sanders, which propelled the Republican candidate to victory in 2016, should have seen the effect of their votes coming.

Consider the statistical evidence. Gary Johnson and Jill Stein were both candidates for president in 2012. Pennsylvanians cast 49,441 votes for Johnson and 21,341 votes for Stein in 2012. Pennsylvanians cast  11,630 write-in votes in 2012. Those totals were 146,715  votes for Johnson, 49,941 for Stein, with 47,285 write-in votes in 2016, an increase of 159,529 votes. Michigan cast 7,774 votes for Johnson and 21,897 votes for Stein in 2012. Michigan counted zero write-in votes in 2012. The numbers in 2016 were a whopping 172,136 votes for Johnson, 51,463 for Stein, plus 25,307 write-in votes, an increase of 219,235 votes. The story is similar in Wisconsin where Johnson took 20,439 votes and Stein 7,665 votes in 2012. Wisconsin’s cast 5,170 write-in votes in 2012. The numbers were a huge 106,674 votes for Johnson, 31,072  for Stein, along with 22,812 write-in votes in 2016, a 127,284  vote increase.

Hillary Clinton lost this election by 44,292 votes in Pennsylvania, 10,704 votes in Michigan, and 22,748 votes in Wisconsin, a total of 77,744 votes. The numbers clearly indicate that the increased third and fourth party vote, and write-in votes totaling 506,048 in those three states, caused the Democratic candidate to lose the 2016 election. To deny this is to deny reality. Keep in mind that George W. Bush won the presidency because he got 537 more votes in Florida than Al Gore. The Green Party candidate, Ralph Nader, took 97,488 votes in Florida in the 2000 election.

Jill Stein, the successor to the reviled Ralph Nader, as Democratic Party spoiler, was present at the Russian State owned RT Gala in Moscow on December 10, 2015, as Vladimir Putin’s guest. Stein met with a Russian Parliament foreign affairs chairperson the next day. The now fired National Security advisor, General Michael Flynn, was also at that dinner.  We now know that it was Russian hackers who turned over the information that Wikileaks used to hurt Secretary Clinton, not to prop up Sanders, after the nomination was clearly going to Clinton.

Sanders eagerly took help from right wing sources. The help came from Karl Rove and his American Crossroads Super PAC, from the RNC and Chairman, now Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, and from the Koch founded America Rising Super PAC.

There was also help that went to the Sanders campaign from the Democratic Socialists of America, a group affiliated with the Socialists International. The group later threw Sanders overboard and endorsed Jill Stein.

The public is now acutely aware of the proliferation of overseas members from such places as Albania and Macedonia, that overwhelmed the Bernie Sanders social media world, with false and incendiary “news” designed to make Hillary Clinton an unacceptable option in the 2016 general election. This is confirmed by multiple sources. The FBI is currently investigating the issue and their investigation predates the election.

The Sanders campaign received aid and comfort from the right wing, the worldwide Socialists, and the Vladimir Putin backed social media trolls. Instead of denouncing these connections, Sanders embraced them running as far as he could, refusing to concede, even after it became all statistically impossible for him to win the Democratic nomination. The last Democratic primary took place on June 14, 2016.  Sanders waited for almost a month before formally endorsing the Hillary Clinton candidacy.

We all remember candidate Sanders’ constant reference to a corrupt campaign finance system, while dressing down candidate Clinton for alleged connections to corporate contributions fueling her campaign. It turned out that it was he Sanders campaign that was under a constant cloud of suspicion for donations that were illegally bundled, that came from overseas, and which exceeded the $2,700 individual limit.

It is convenient, but disingenuous, for die hard Sanders supporters, many of whom were more never Hillary than pro Bernie, to be complaining about the election of the new Republican President. They cannot now try to blend in with the rest of the Liberals and Progressives who supported the Democratic nominee, and were working hard to stop the Republican candidate from day one. They would very much like to sweep under the rug any unpleasant notions about blame or responsibility.  The tepid support for Clinton from Sanders and some of his backers, such as Michael Moore, was too little and too late. The culpability of the Sanders campaign, particularly in regards to the acceptance of  foreign assistance, is  similar to the help heaped upon the new President.

We know now that the Russians intended to subvert our 2016 election, getting involved over a year before the election took place. The supporters of Bernie Sanders were taken advantage of by a ruthless man, who used their genuine ideals as a hammer for smashing Democratic unity to bits. They need to realize that mistake, and accept responsibility in that they were duped by false information that came from within the Kremlin itself.

Going forward, we need to remain vigilant against foreign attempts to divide and confuse us, especially when those attempts are being spoon fed to us by the likes of a former KGB officer of the defunct Union of Soviet Socialists Republic, and by the Independent Socialist and not ever Democrat, Bernie Sanders.  It’s only when you’ve admitted there’s a problem, that you can start to fix it. As the old saying goes, Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.  Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein became two more of  Putin’s puppets.


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  1. If the Democratic Party does not change its direction, it will continue to lose elections. Opposing Trump is valid, but it cannot be the only issue! If something is not done to change the outlook of the bottom 50% we will all be lost.


    1. You are no authority on the bottom 50%. Low-income people vote for Clinton, by the way, not Sanders, whom they saw through very quickly. He didn’t even realize that most black people do not live in the ghetto. The Democratic party just needs to continue to be the party that has brought you all the social benefits you enjoy. And you need to get your head straight.


  2. I knew Sanders was being used as a pawn at the NEA RA and people started sharing the “Goldwater Girl” vs the
    “Civil Rights Leader” BS vs HRC memes. They got worse and worse and every forum was saturated with crap. It would be disproved, and someone would immediately post the original fake meme. The whole conversation would start over. I was always accused of being a paid Clinton operative simply for disagreeing. It was disgusting to see how many people would lap up propaganda to support their cause.

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  3. I don’t think Bernie is in any way to blame for us getting the Donald. I’d be willing to be that he graciously conceded defeat and voted for Hillary. And as someone said, the fault lies with those who sulked and didn’t vote, or who wrote in Bernie.


    1. The article makes that very point with statistics that prove it was third party, fourth party, and write in voters elected the new Republican President. So, had Bern chose not to run, or had he bowed out earlier from the primary contests, he would have had more time to vigorously campaign for the Democratic nominee thus preventing this catastrophe.

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  4. I don’t think Sanders thought he’d be helping the Republicans win when he was campaigning but going against the Democrats with his antiestablishment rhetoric certainly paved the way for Trump. The Democrats are good, their accomplishments under Obama, despite systematic Republican obstruction are solid proof and would have gone much further if the would have had control over the Senate and a larger majority in congress.


  5. I began as a Bernie supporter. As a New Englander, it was a natural fit for me to back the favorite son. But early in the primary I started seeing the right-wing memes. I saw members of the various Bernie groups on FB energetically posted anti-Clinton pieces lifted from Breitbart and WND. These posts contained allegations I knew to be false.

    I objected to the use of right-wing propaganda. So, I requested that everyone fact-check prior to posting things. It wasn’t long before i found myself banned from Bernie groups; I was labeled a Hillary plant, a c*nt, and a corporate whore.

    They actually did me a huge favor. In the process of fact checking, I was forced to compare Bernie’s record with Hillary’s. When I took a look at what Bernie had accomplished in more than 25 years in DC, I was stunned. His major achievement was winning re-election time after time.

    When I dug below the surface, I discovered why. Even his ardent supporters admitted he was a nightmare to work with. It was his way or no way. He has serious anger issues. In a word, he was a bully!

    Knowing what I know about the position of POTUS, I knew that wasn’t ever going to float. The executive must know how to compromise, to use diplomacy, and, particularly in Washington, it’s crucial that s/he be capable of working side by side with those with whom you disagree. This is why Bernie never got anything done.

    As soon as I got a look at their comparative resumes, I threw my support behind Clinton. The PP endorsement of Hillary Clinton was the final straw. Instead of being gracious and congratulating Ms. Clinton on scoring that endorsement, Bernie played the victim. In typical Bernie fashion, he and his hard core supporters acted like sore losers. I was struck by his atttitude – as if he had been entitled to that endorsement. Wow!

    I found it particularly galling that the Bernie or Bust camp took to social media on November 9 to demand an apology. “We told you so,” They said. “We told you that you would never elect Clinton without our votes and now look!”

    I was taken aback, again, by this attitude that they were somehow entitled to some kind of special recognition. These people either sat home, or they voted for Jill Stein, or they wrote in Bernie’s name, as if we had somehow forced them to shoot themselves in the foot. I’m still stunned, even now, that they refuse to take responsibility for this train wreck.


  6. Bernie and his supporters have been complicit in treason. They should be purged and cleansed from the Democratic Party. The Party should 1) abolish the racist and undemocratic caucuses in small, heavily white, nondiverse states, 2) Require that no candidate quialifies for nomination who has not been a registered Democrat for at least ten years, 3) Require that all primaries be closed; only Democrats should participate in Democratic primaries, 4) not seat any state delegation that is not selected in a closed primary.


  7. I agree with the sentiment expressed here. My sole word of caution is that we be careful what we wish for. I’m old as dirt, and over the years I’ve discovered that the remedy proposed is often worse than the original underlying condition. Best example off the top of my head: mandatory sentencing.

    Mandatory sentencing was the magic bullet to deal with those “damned liberal judges” who “protected the guilty and ignored victims”. What a freaking disaster! Especially for the poor and people of color, who are ALWAYS charged with the most serious crimes and handed the harshest punishments.

    Bottom line, and you don’t need a law degree to figure this one out, there are NO EASY ANSWERS to complex legal and/or constitutional questions. Anyone who tells you that there ARE (easy answers) is either an idiot or a huckster! (Or both!) We’ve all heard about the terrible consequences of those “three strikes” statutes: people in the projects being sentenced to life in prison for stealing a pair of damned sneakers. (Or a bicycle!)

    I’d like to make this humble suggestion to anyone who is interested: BEWARE OF POLITICIANS with one size fits all fixes!

    I don’t mean to offend anyone, or to rain on anyone’s parade, but: ANYONE who makes a bunch of promises he or she cannot keep is a liar. A lot of people loved Bernie while hating Clinton bc she would NOT promise everything on their Christmas list.

    Two things that were so disheartening about the election:

    A) Americans had no idea what a POTUS can or cannot do. Any candidate making a bunch of promises like giving Americans free college tuition and/or healthcare and/or legalizing pot is a bald faced liar. The POTUS is completely powerless when it comes to making law. Neither Bernie nor Hillary could have followed through on those things.

    Yet, there was palpable anger toward Hillary that she wasn’t willing to tell people what they wanted to hear. Two journalists finally nailed Bernie on how he expected to “break up the big banks”. In response, Bernie hemmed and hawed, he squirmed in his seat, then finally admitted he had no freaking idea.

    So… why did the press insist on tossing him soft balls while avoiding the tough questions?

    B) Americans really had no clue about their respective accomplishments. One of the big things the POTUS does is negotiate with foreign leaders, not all of which are our friends. Bernie’s interpersonal skills were lacking, to say the least. Even his supporters admitted he was not pleasant to work with. When challenged, Bernie got defensive and angry. He has an explosive temper. Since it’s the POTUS’s job to conciliate, sometimes make deals and hammer out treaties with parties often hostile to one another, how on earth is someone with Bernie’s brash temperament ever going to do this? Let me interject that it’s because of his poor people skills that Bernie got so little accomplished in Congress. He didn’t know the art of compromise. In other words, he didn’t have the constitution – no pun intended – to serve in the WH. He’d a lot like trump: arrogant, rigid, incapable of being conciliatory.

    Yesterday, I read (on FB) comments posted by hard core Bernie supporters repeating what we now know was false information planted by Russian hackers. They still are sticking by preposterous conspiracy theories about Clinton, still claiming that trump is far less dangerous than Clinton.

    I do apologize for my own behavior. This is obviously not the place to rehash all of these things. I appreciate the welcome. PLEASE keep educating and informing! You are providing a critical service to us all. Thank you!!! ❤


  8. The thing of it is that Bernie never stopped any of it from going on. He just stood silently by, while an absolutely berserk group of creatures started assembling in his name, and hurling all the filth the world has to offer at HRC. Even after most of Bernie’s signature platform points got included onto HRC’s platform- the most progressive in all of American history- the Bernie or Bust crowd would not desist, and it took until August for him to tell them to sit down and shut up.


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