Justice Democrats? Not!

Justice Democrats are anything but Democrats. This is yet another organization which exists to stump for the ultimate goals of the right, by turning the left into a two-headed dragon set upon itself over every possible issue. Their grandiose bad ideas are cloaked in noble rhetoric, hiding at the heart a suicidal plan to engage elected Democrats in Congressional primary struggles. This can only benefit Republicans who control all three branches of our national government plus most of our State Governments, at the permanent expense of progressivism. They are invaders bent on a hostile takeover of the Democratic Party.  Are Justice Democrats really Democrats? Sadly, they are not.

Cenk Uygur, is the creator and founder of The Young Turks network, who founded Justice Democrats in collaboration with several others including fellow TYT host, Kyle Kulinski, former Sanders campaign senior advisor, Zack Exley, and Saikat Chakrabarti, now Executive Director of Justice Democrats, formerly the Sanders campaign Director of Organizing Technology.

Zack Exley, who co-wrote “Rules For Revolutionaries”, also worked on the Sanders campaign recruiting volunteersExley, along with Saikat Chakrabarti, also co-founded Brand New Congress.

In March of 2016, Justice Democrats,

“Formally joined forces with another branch of the Sanders diaspora, Brand New Congress, which has vowed to run more than 400 progressive House and Senate candidates in 2018.”

Alex Seitz-Wald of CNBC has said that,

“For Justice Democrats’ founder, liberal media personality Cenk Uygur, what seems to matter most is inflicting damage on the Democratic Party.”

The Justice Democrats site says that it is,

“Time to rebuild the Democratic Party from scratch to be a party that fights for a clear progressive vision.”

They believe that,

“The Democratic Party is broken, and the corporate wing of the party is responsible.”

They blame the Democratic Party because,

“By aligning with Wall Street over working men and women, the Democratic Party has allowed Republicans to take over most state legislatures, most governorships, Congress, and the presidency.”

How does Justice Democrats want to address the situation?

“The solution is not unity with the corporate-backed Democrats. The solution is to challenge them and replace every single one of them with people who will fight for voters, not donors. It’s time to rebuild the Democratic Party from scratch to be a party that fights for a clear progressive vision.”

They say that,

“We are recruiting Justice Democrats to run a unified campaign to replace every establishment politician in Congress in 2018. And we need all the help we can get.”

Who Justice Democrats will run and the specifics of their legislative plans is a work in progress.  They are encouraging ordinary citizens to either self-nominate or nominate others  as,

“We are recruiting incredible people to run for Congress in 2018 in a unified campaign behind a single plan to fix our government and our country.”

This sounds much like the new President who promised that he would bring in “the best people”, who are “incredible people”, believe me.

Right now, the Justice Democrats site identifies no endorsed candidates. They have made one endorsement, January 30, 2017, on their Facebook page, of Chardo Richardson, President of the ACLU Central Florida Chapter.  Mr. Richardson appears to be endorsed by both Justice Democrats and Brand New Congress, but the trouble is, Mr. Richardson has made no announcement that he is running. The Democratic Road can confirm that any announcements of Mr. Richardson’s candidacy are not correct, as Mr. Richardson does not reside in the 9th Congressional and he has made no decision to run for any office, anywhere, at this time.

Darren Soto is a brand new member of Congress, who replaced Congressman Alan Grayson, the Bernie Sanders endorsed candidate, who lost to Congressman Patrick Murphy for the 2016 Democratic senatorial nomination in Florida. Congressman Soto defeated Dena Grayson, the wife of Alan Grayson, to win the Democratic nomination for the 9th District. It certainly does appear that spite is the reason for challenging Congressman Soto in 2018.

It seems apparent that so long as future Justice Democrats candidates “agree with the Justice Democrats platform” essentially supporting  Senator Bernie Sanders, this will satisfy the threshold for becoming one of their candidates.  Beware, as any and all sitting Democrats, who do not fall in line behind Bernie or those who did not endorse Sanders for President in 2016, are subject to replacement.

People can donate to Justice Democrats, in particular by checking that symbolic $27 box. There are no coffee mugs, but t-shirts and bumper stickers are available at this time.

Like many of these groups who make up history and facts as they go along, Justice Democrats hold themselves out as the sole judge of what is and what is not “progressive”. There is also  the continuation of a troubling, strange pattern connecting this self-styled “progressive” organization with RT America and right wing Republicans.

Consider that Cenk Uygur got his broadcasting career started on RT America, where he,

“Would go on these shows to riff on the news.”

Cenk Uygur continues to be a regular on RT America, such as the September 8, 2011  appearance when he opined that President Obama would not win a second term. Then there was this October 7, 2011 appearance when Uygur said, without any evidence whatsoever, that,

“My estimation is that 99 percent of the Republican Party is bought. And at least 80 percent of the Democratic Party is bought.”

Larry King now has an RT America sponsored show called “Politicking”. Uygur has made several appearances on this show including on June 9, 2016, discussing with King the “mainstream media’s       pro-establishment bias”, and on April 25, 2014, Uygur appeared to dump on President Obama for “selling out on his promise to change DC” and for Obama’s “pro-establishment presidency.”

America’s Lawyer, Mike Papantonio, is also on RT America. Cenk Uygur can be found being interviewed by Papantonio on a December 22, 2016 broadcast where the two discuss the future of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Had Uyger, Papantonio, and other “Progressives” of their ilk enthusiastically and timely endorsed Secretary Clinton, their discussion probably would have been moot.

The Ring of Fire Network has an impressive list of contributors, many of whom are sponsored by RT America, or are regular guests on RT America programs.  One of them, Ed Schultz, who, like Cenk Uygur, is a former MSNBC pundit, now anchors  the nightly “News With Ed” on RT America. Ed Schultz was once a Russia and Putin critic, but since January of 2016 when he began anchoring the news for RT America,  Schultz,

“Now has a Russo-friendly, or perhaps American-skeptical, viewpoint on any number of issues on his RT program. So do most of the guests he interviews.

Just a matter of days before the Comey letter informing Congress that newly discovered emails would be examined which may pertain to the closed Clinton email investigation, TYT Network published, on October 28, 2016, an article from The Ring of Fire Network.  The article questioning Russia’s role in the 2016 election hacking, turning the tables back onto the Democratic candidate, with TYT saying that.

“Clinton has found it more than politically convenient to demonize the Russian government for her own gain. Need to distract from devastating emails? Blame Russia. Need to smear Trump as un-American? Point to Putin.”

The Ring of Fire article went on to say that,

 “Though Hillary Clinton claims that 17 federal agencies have concluded the hacks came from Russia, the truth is not so clear.”

The proof cited for this obvious denial of reality was the failure by President Obama to do anything about it. This was not the end of the criticism leveled at President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the DNC.  The Ring of Fire article also echoed the Wikileaks and Russian sourced claims that the DNC had been unfair to Bernie Sanders, rigging the process in favor of Clinton.

Like Michael Moore, Cenk Uygur predicted in July of 2016, that the Republican candidate would beat   Hillary Clinton.

The false claim that “Hillary Clinton is funded by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates”  can be viewed through an RT America video clip posted February 25, 2015, on  Cenk Uygur’s Facebook page.  This was an attack line contained in the 2016 Republican nominee’s stump speech. Foreign countries, such as Saudi Arabia,  the United Arab Emirates, and other Arab countries have donated to the Clinton Foundation, after Hillary Clinton left the State Department. It is illegal for United States political candidates or Political Action Committees candidates to accept foreign donations, and there is no proof that the candidate, or any PAC supporting Hillary Clinton, has violated the rule.

The day before the election, Uygur explained why he broke down and finally decided to vote for Hillary Clinton.

“Cutting your nose off to spite your face” by voting for a third party “doesn’t help you get out of the trap” of the two-party system. “ What it does is it leaves you nose-less. OK? It’s a very bad strategy. The correct strategy is you live to fight another day.

Apparently now that Uygur and other “progressives” successfully helped to defeat Secretary Clinton and Democrats all over the United States, the time to cut off their noses will come in 2018.

Mr. Uygur appears to believe that there is no difference between the Democratic and the Republican Party, or any party headed by people with certain levels of wealth, because,

“Our politics will constantly be controlled not just by the Koch brothers, but also [George] Soros and also [Michael] Bloomberg and all of these giant donors on both the left and the right, multinational corporations and the unions,”

Making George Soros the face of the Democratic Party donor base is a right wing obsession that does not match up with reality. Yes, there are billionaire backers of Democrats and liberal causes, but the facts show that the billionaires overwhelmingly favor Republicans over Democrats although contributions by Republicans to Democrats did rise during the 2016 elections.

Justice Democrats say that they are,

Democrats that represent voters, not donors.”

If Mr. Uygur is so very much against the mixture of big money with politics, one wonders why he threw away his principles by allowing former GOP Governor of Louisiana, and previous Republican presidential candidate in 2012, Buddy Roemer, to invest $4 million in Uygur’s The Young Turks network. The investment has been confirmed by Uygur who said that,

“We’re terrific partners for one another.”

Buddy Roemer also confirmed the investment saying,

“We believe TYT will be one of the critical players moving forward in a new media world – edgy, unfiltered news commentary at its best.”

Justice Democrats proudly claims that they reject large corporate donations and donations from billionaires. Interestingly, their leader, Cenk Uygur, has a sizable personal net worth estimated to be $5 million  While Uygur is no George Soros, his wealth is much higher than his hero, the Independent Socialist Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, who is estimated to have a net worth of $528,014, and an income level placing him within the top 3.8% of Americans. Being a “progressive” talk show host apparently pays well, better than being a career politician since 1981.

There is a certain hypocrisy at work as both Uygur and his hero Sanders, enjoy incomes far above the average American’s $70,000 before taxes in 2015, and the two enjoy net worths much higher than the average American’s estimated to be $81,456 in 2013. It would be nice to get money out of politics, but it does not appear that Mr. Uygur or Senator Sanders are going to be giving up their personal income streams at anytime soon. The plan by Justice Democrats to refuse money from those who have 99% of it, by asking the 99% to part with a sizable portion of their 1% of America’s wealth, even if is through that magical $27 a time, seems like a callous plan to milk the working class. No one seems to resent the billionaire as much as the millionaire, and make no mistake- millionaires is what Cenk Uygur and Bernie Sanders are.

The goals of Cenk Uygur and the Justice Democrats are unrealistic, and bound for failure. Other than the continued savaging of the Democratic Party, there seems to be no focal point to their agenda.  Defeating sitting Republicans and the removal of the current Republican President, are goals which seem to be way down at the bottom of this massively wide-ranging list of to do’s, as if this does not matter. The movement seems calculated to push their progressive platform further from reality, by driving out of Congress sitting Democrats, who are needed to enact the progressive plans and ideals being espoused. Justice Democrats is another group claiming to be working in the name of  Democrats; but sadly, they are not. And that’s a shame.

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