The Russians Are Coming, Again

The 2016 elections in the United Kingdom and the United States defied the pollsters. Brexit was not expected to pass, but it did. Theresa May, the Conservative Party leader, is now the British Prime Minister. Hillary Clinton was expected to be the 45th President of the United States, but she isn’t. Some people believe that the Independent Socialist Senator from Vermont would now be the President of the United States had the Democratic Party nominated him in 2016. They also believe that if they take control of the Democratic Party and win the Democratic nomination in 2020, that all will be well with the world. Please rethink these ideas. Our country and the world have been waking up to the reality that the Russians came for our Western democracies in 2016, and the Russians are coming, again. The goal is the the creation of chaos, so that the worst among us will continue to lead us forward.

Theresa May and her conservative coalition will now have to live with what are expected to be dire economic consequences of the Brexit vote which may also include dark xenophobia which,

“Could be 1933 all over again.”

The Russian interference into the U.S. and European elections was laid bare by former FBI agent, Clint Watts, who recently told the Senate Intelligence Committee that,

“The overriding issue with why Russia did this to the United States and does it now to Europe is:

“We are weak. We do not respond.”

Despite the protestations by the new Republican President who continues to deny the existence of Russian interference in the 2016 election, the fact is that Russia did interfere. The only questions left to be answered are the extent of the interference and if any Americans colluded with the Russians. We should not forget that the new President did acknowledge the fact, saying on January 11, 2017, that,

“As far as hacking, I think it was Russia.”

Vladimir Putin and the Russians are widely believed to have intervened in the Brexit vote. Just as the Russian intervention has caused many to question the legitimacy of the 2016 U.S. elections, the Russian intervention has caused many to question the legitimacy of the Brexit vote.

Fortunately, the French soundly rejected the right wing populist, Marine Le Pen, despite the massive hack attack directed by the Russians against the Emmanuel Macron campaign hours before their presidential election. Despite the denials from Moscow and from Putin’s candidate, Le Pen, claiming no Russian intervention in the French elections, Admiral Mike Rogers, the US National Security Director, has confirmed that the US warned the French that the attack was imminent.

In early December, 2016, Austrians narrowly turned their backs on the right wing Freedom Party candidate, Norbert Hofer, who was defeated by the left-leaning candidate Alexander Van der Bellen. Had Hofer won, he,

“Would have been the first far-right president in Western Europe since the end of World War II.”

Mr. Hofer was one of the first foreign political figures to congratulate the Republican winner of the 2016 United States presidential elections. Shortly after the Austrian elections, the Austrian Freedom Party leader Heinz-Christian Strache and Norbert Hofer, entered into,

“A working agreement with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party in Moscow.”

It should also be noted that Heinz-Christian Strache then met with the now disgraced and much troubled former national security advisor to the new American President, Michael Flynn, at the Manhattan tower.

Polls immediately in advance of the March 16, 2017 Netherlands elections had the Liberal Party of Prime Minster Mark Rutte in the lead. Reason and sanity won the day there as the far right Freedom Party anti-immigrant and anti-European Union candidate, Geert Wilders, was defeated.

A possible worldwide, cataclysmic Russian backed, fascist, populist wave that began in the United Kingdom then spread to the United States, has been stopped in Austria, the Netherlands and France. The September 24, 2017 German elections are up next.

Garry Kasparov, the Russian chess master who fled his home country in 2013, in part because of his for opposition to Putin, was very concerned about the 2016 U.S. Presidential elections saying that,

“Trump’s potential victory could threaten not only democracy in this country but democracy worldwide.”

Mr. Kasparov claims that the Russian leader sees the removal of Mrs. Merkel as the key to crushing the European Union.

Angela Merkel is a conservative who is now considered by many to be the,

Leader of the free world.”

Chancellor Merkel is,

“The most influential individual in the West who is not a populist.”

While the German elections are still over four months away, Merkel and her center-right leaning Christian Democratic Union Party have little to fear from the far left as,

“Support for Germany’s Greens has dropped to its lowest level in almost 15 years.”

Martin Schulz, the former European Union Parliament President and opponent of Brexit, is the candidate for the German center-left Social Democratic Party. Chancellor Merkel is currently leading Schulz in the polls 49% to 36%.

The populist nationalist movements sweeping across Europe are seen as,

“Invariably anti-establishment, opposed to the European Union, and hostile to America. They are also all supported—either materially or through other, less tangible instruments—by Russia.”

Russian interference in the elections of the Western democracies through weaponized misinformation, according to Michael Fallon, the U.K. Defense Secretary, is intended to,

Undermine democracy and destabilize the West and NATO, U.K. Defense.”

We can expect Vladimir Putin to now turn his attention to the German elections as Russia is interested in destroying Angela Merkel, the de-facto leader of the European Union and therefore of NATO, by,

“Trying to oust German chancellor Angela Merkel through a propaganda network aimed at provoking anger over the refugee crisis.”

Vladimir Putin is far more comfortable with the present U.S. President than he would have been with his arch enemy, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Tough and resolute world leaders, like Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel, must be eliminated thereby clearing he way for Putin’s agenda.

There are more than a few saving graces for Americans, one being that most of us are rapidly getting fed up with the current administration pursuing polices that are contrary to the best interests of the vast majority of our people. Another is that that history is on our side. This may very well bring about a wave election.

A Wave election is,

“Commonly considered one in which a political party wins a large and lopsided number of House and Senate seats while sustaining minimal losses.”

We are a long way from election day 2018, but, the signs are beginning to suggest that a Democratic Party wave is coming. According to Nate Silver’s 538 Blog,

“There is every reason to expect that 2018 will follow the trend of 2006, 2010 and 2014, with a decisive shift against the president’s party.”

According to Charlie Cook of the Cook Political Report,

“Analysts who have watched congressional elections for a long time are seeing signs that 2018 could be a wave election that flips control of the House to Democrats.”

Democrats have an additional edge in the House going into 2018 because as of now there are only 4 Democrats who have announced the intent to leave, while 8 Republicans have announced that they will be retiring.  According to Cook, there could be an additional 8 open Democratic seats against 24 potentially open Republican seats. There are also 23 House seats currently held by Republicans in Districts won by Hillary Clinton in 2016.

This advantage applies to the Senate as well in that through 2012,

“The party in the White House has lost Senate seats in 24 out of 38 midterms since 1862.”

Update that to 25 out of 39 midterms, as the Democrats lost 9 Senate seats in the 2014 Midterms, and 13 House seats, as well.

The current Republican Administration and the Republican Congress are doing everything they can to cause a Democratic wave in 2018. Consider their continuing failing efforts to kill the Affordable Care Act, which even the right wing leaning Gallup poll has shown to be more popular than ever with 55% support. According to the most recent Quinnipiac Poll, only 21% of Americans support the most recent Republican plan to repeal and replace the ACA. The number is slightly up from the 17% of Americans who approved the first Republican attempt to repeal and replace the ACA last March.

The ACA was one of the signature accomplishments by the Obama Administration. The GOP derisively calls the ACA “entitlement legislation”, and they are right in that it has entitled millions of Americans citizens to keep breathing, through such innovations as the elimination of denying overage for preexisting conditions, the elimination of lifetime caps, and provision of low-cost, affordable coverage to millions who had been uncovered.

The Republicans are now just a Senate vote away from consigning the ACA to the dustbin of history. If the ACA is going to be saved, strengthened, and expanded, as the nation eventually moves towards achieving the goal of universal healthcare for all, we will need to have the right people in the right places. According to Politifact, Bernie Sanders did not support the ACA until late in the process. Therefore, having a far left, Independent Socialist, such as Bernie Sanders, who is not now and has never been a Democrat, to lead the Democratic Party, would be the height of irresponsibility, playing right into the hands of the far right and Vladimir Putin.

Economic crises, like the financial crisis of 2007-2008 help boost the chances of right wing candidates. Populist swings toward the right, use the scapegoating of immigrants and elites   to fuel the burning of their movements. Our level of confidence is low that the self dealing novice in the White House, who enthusiastically leads the cheers to build that wall, will be able to keep the healthy economy passed on by President Obama going strong. When the pendulum swings too widely and too wildly, it could very well rip the country loose at its moorings.

Here in the United States, Democrats need to hold onto the sane center and get back to winning elections with a wide coalition of voters from all walks of American life. White, working, middle class voters, along with younger voters made a mistake in 2016 by not voting for competence, thereby helping to elect the man who took office as the most disliked President ever. This current President had the lowest approval ratings of any modern era President in his first 100 days, and that approval rating has now gone even lower. Many already believe him to be the worst President our country has ever seen. Yes, the Russians are coming, again for the Western democracies in 2017 and 2018. Going forward, we must do everything possible to resist the creation of the chaos they desire.

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