The Russia Files, Part One, An Overview

Russia, the hostile world power referred to by the last losing Republican presidential candidate as our number one geopolitical foe, is working on an insidious plan. Through the use of right wing populist movements, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, wants to realign Europe with the goal of breaking up the European Union, while drawing Europe closer to the interests of the Kremlin. A big obstacle to be overcome in 2016 was the United States, and the probability that America would elect as the 45th President the woman referred to by the 44th president as the most qualified candidate to ever run for president.  A plot was hatched to remove the United States from the geopolitical game board, leaving a self serving, dangerously childish and unbalanced man in the White House. This unparalleled act of war by a foreign power never before experienced in the history of the United States, has rendered the country vulnerable in many ways. It  has left us shaking our heads in shock and disbelief at the actions by the new President, and the revelations of the administration’s connections to Russia that grow daily.

Russia has and continues to deploy campaigns promoting selected right wing candidates through,

Disinformation, propaganda, alleged illicit financing, and covert influence operations.”

A quid pro quo was expected in return by Russia in the form of,

“A strikingly consistent level of support from these far-right, nationalist leaders, who all praise Putin as a strong leader and promote Russian policy objectives, even if it works against their own national interests and when the parties have no history of backing similar actions not related to Russia.”

If the multiple ongoing investigations ultimately conclude that the 45th President of the United States is corrupt, he certainly would not be the first corrupt elected official in the history of the United States.  However, this is the first U.S. President to use presidential power to attack and dismantle the country’s skeletal structure, while seeming to be actively selling us out to the Russians. Be It through providing the Russians with highly sensitive intelligence that might put Israeli lives at risk, to assuring the Russians in the Oval Office that he had put a stop to the investigations into possible collusion between his people, letting them know that the pressure was off because,

“I just fired the head of the F.B.I. He was crazy, a real nut job

This President certainly does seem to be bending over backwards to advance  the interests of the Kremlin and as the Russian investigation  has heated up, the President is now threatening to cancel the daily White House briefing. Instead of the daily briefing, or the weekly radio address by his predecessor, President Obama, or the unifying and comforting fireside chats the nation looked forward to hearing from President Roosevelt, this President speaks directly to the people late night and early morning almost daily by taking to Twitter to berate or insult his political opponents and enemies of the day.

The new American President and Vladimir Putin are getting away with bloody murder and the damage being done might take years to undo. They are working together trying to ensure that if Americans want to know what is happening in their own country, we will have to pay attention to the foreign press or to the President’s twitter outbursts.

While the President and his administration fight for their lives, the images of Sergey Kislyak, the Russian Ambassador, and Sergei Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, yucking it up in the Oval Office with the 45th President of the United States, fill up our news media feeds. while the American press was excluded but curiously the Russian press was welcome. Millions of Americans remain virtually clueless as to what is really happening inside the halls of their own government and while the new President’s approval ratings have hit a new low, the base of voters who elected the man who lost to Hillary Clinton by some 3 million votes do not care.   Somehow the stupid remains strong.

The President justified his stunningly stupid first in the history of United States Presidents breach of protocol, when he told the Russians about the ISIS plan to use laptop computers to bring down airliners by tweeting,

As President I wanted to share with Russia (at an openly scheduled W.H. meeting) which I have the absolute right to do, facts pertaining….”

It is true that the President had the authority to hand over this sensitive intelligence to the Russians as the President,

“Has broad authority to declassify government secrets, making it unlikely that his disclosures broke the law.”

But there are consequences to this action. The possibility now exists that the President’s leak could lead to a moratorium on transfers of intelligence data from Israel, our most important Middle Eastern intelligence partner. According to an Israeli intelligence source,

“We have to rethink what to give the Americans. Until we are sure that this channel is as secure as secure can be, we must not hand over our crown jewels.”

Vladimir Putin wanted to defeat his feared and hated nemesis, Hillary Clinton, preferring her 2016 opponent for President of the United States because,

Putin prefers weakness, which is what Trump offers.”

Europe is now waking up to President Putin’s cultivation of his multi-continent right wing populist partners, along with the hacking and misinformation attacks directed towards western elections. While Putin kept quiet during the run-up to the Brexit vote, Nigel Farage, one of the man behind Brexit, clearly loves Putin. Of course, Mr. Farage and the new American President are also carrying on a bromance.

Putin’s desire for the resurrection of the old Soviet Union was put into action, beginning with the annexation of Crimea in March of 2014. Putin believes that everything from Crimea, to the Ukraine, to the Baltic States, to Poland, to Finland, all the way to Alaska are Soviet lands that need to be reclaimed by Russia.

Using populist nationalistic ideology, and the ignorance of Westerners who have no recent knowledge of the now ended Cold War, Putin seeks footholds for the Russian expansion through European politicians. He found his first proxy in France’s Marine Le Pen, the prominent leader of the far right French National Front Party. The party’s racist and anti-Semitic past, to the credit of French banks, resulted in the denial of credit to Le Pen’s party. Just as has been the case with the new American President’s business ventures, Russian banks have stepped in to fund Le Pen. Just prior to the recent french elections, Marine Le Pen went searching for money, meeting with Putin in Moscow on March 24, 2017. There is also yet another unsettling mutual admiration society going on between Putin, Le Pen, and the new American President.

Recently, Hungary’s right wing government upset the European Union by welcoming Vladimir Putin to Budapest, as Europe fears the ongoing thaw in U.S./Russian relations following the inauguration of the 45th American President. The Hungarian minister of foreign affairs and trade, Peter Szijjarto, said in advance of Putin’s visit that,

“I don’t see Russia as a threat to Hungary,”

Hungary is a NATO member state, yet when speaking about the European Union sanctions imposed on Russia as a consequence to Russia’s Crimea annexation, Prime Minister Szijjarto said that,

“Hungary’s position on the sanctions is that (they are) useless,”

Minister Szijjarto also did not view Russia as a threat to NATO saying that,

Russia would not attack any NATO member state.

There is concern in the United States Senate that the new American administration would be open to easing sanctions on Russia.  Fortunately, at least as of this time, the recent request by ExxonMobil for a waiver on sanctions that would allow the oil and gas giant to proceed with drilling in Russia was denied.

The Hungarians, who have been the only European Union member state to have repeated visits by Vladimir Putin since the Crimean annexation, have welcomed the new American administration. Prime Minister Viktor Orban, has been referred to as,

One part of a larger right-wing national populist phenomenon that has taken root in Europe.”

Prime Minister Orban also was the first international leader to endorse the 2016 Republican presidential nominee. Orban had been criticized by the Obama administration as,

“He has presided over the erosion of the country’s political institutions, packed its top court with loyalist judges and imposed regulations on media that inhibit dissenting voices and promote supporters.”

With the new American Administration in Washington, Hungary can now look forward to continuing those right wing policies as, according to Foreign Minister Szijjarto,

“Now as the new President made it very clear that export of democracy is out of the focus of US foreign policy… this kind of pressure… will disappear.”

This 45th Presidency of the United States may soon come to a premature end, but this Russian thing isn’t going away any time soon.  Mighty Russia, for all its cyber-terror and nuclear weaponry, still has only around the economic strength of little Italy. President Putin, like this new American President, wants to make Russia great again, while reasserting Russia as one of the world’s great international powers. By fostering chaos in the United States and in the and by befriending their leaders so that they will turn they attention elsewhere, Putin hopes to secure his power domestically and around the world.

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