Congress Must Reform Facebook

We, the Democratic Party activists who have supported Hillary Clinton for President in 2016, who continue to support the Democratic Party and the tradition of progressive achievements that have benefited the working people of America for over 65 years, are calling on Congress to  reform Facebook. Specifically we want the Senate and House Intelligence Committees now looking into the practices of Facebook and other social media including their connections to overseas operatives as part of a scheme to influence the 2016, as well as future United States elections, to force Facebook and other social media platforms to reform themselves so as to assure that the points of view of all Americans are protected not silenced.

Facebook, either wittingly or unwittingly, has and continues to silence our voices through unjustified, organized, and often computer generated reporting by the supporters of the present administration, by Republican operatives, or by fake, often foreign profiles, purporting to support the Administration or purporting to support Bernie Sanders, the Independent Senator from Vermont. In particular, any negative comment or posts made by Democratic Party supporters are met with immediate attacks that are often laced with the most vile and hateful language that is disproportionate to the simple truths that we raise. We are then often removed from Facebook, referred to as a Facebook jail sentence, for periods that range from a number of hours to 30 days or longer. Many of us have seen our profiles permanently deactivated by Facebook. Worse, there is usually no way to contact Facebook to raise a complaint or to supply proof that the action by Facebook was not justified.

We seek to have Congress expand their inquiries into Facebook and other social media platforms beyond the selling of advertisements to foreign interests which we agree helped to sway the American electorate in 2016 through the proliferation of fake news that was targeted to specific voters in specific states. We also know that silencing our voices was an integral part of that effort. The Senate and House Intelligence Committees must know that silencing us for no reason other than we have expressed specific political views, is contrary to what our country stands for and what our Constitution guarantees. Silencing us and removing us from Facebook solely because of the mainstream political views that we peacefully profess must not be allowed.

Here are the Republican members of the Senate Intelligence Committee with telephone numbers,

Chairman Richard Burr, NC, 202-224-3154 or 800-685-8916

James Risch, Idaho, 202-224-275

Marco Rubio, Florida, 202-224-3041

Susan Collins, Maine, 202-224-2523 or 207-622-8414

Roy Blunt, Missouri, 202-224-5721

James Lankford, Oklahoma, 202-224-5754

Tom Cotton, Arkansas, 202-224-2353 or 479-751-0879

John Cornyn, Texas, 202-224-2934

Here are the Democratic members of the Senate Intelligence Committee with telephone numbers,

Mark Warner, Democratic Vice Chairman, Virginia, 202-224-2023 or 757-441-3079, or 804-775-2314

Diane Feinstein, California, 202-224-3841, or 415-393-0707, or 310-914-7300, or 619-231-9712

Ron Wyden, Oregon, 202-224-5244 or 503-326-7525

Martin Heinrich, New Mexico, 202-224-5521 or 505-346-6601

Angus King, Maine, 202-224-5344 or 207-622-8292

Joe Manchin, West Virginia, 202-224-3954 or 304-342-5855

Kamala Harris, California, 202-2243553, or 213-894-5000, or 415-355-9041, or 619-239-3884

Here are the Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee with telephone numbers,

Devin Nunes, Recused Chairman, California, 202-225-2523 or 559-733-3861

Mike Conway, Acting Chairman, Texas, 202-225-3605

Frank LoBiondo, New Jersey, 202-225-6572, or 800-471-4450, or 609-625-5008

Tom Rooney, 202-225-5792

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, 202-225-3931 or 305-668-2285

Michael Turner, Ohio, 202-225-6465 or 937-225-2843

Brad Wenstrup, Ohio, 202-225-3164 or 513-474-7777

Chris Stewart, Utah, 202-225-9730 or 801-364-5550

Rick Crawford, Arkansas, 202-225-4076

Trey Gowdy, South Carolina, 202-225-6030

Elise Stefanik, New York, 202-225-4611

Will Hurd, Texas, 202-225-4511

Here are the Democratic members of the House Intelligence Committee with telephone numbers,

Adam Schiff, Ranking Democratic Member, California, 202-225-4176, or 818-450-2900, or 323-315-5555

Jim Himes, Connecticut, 202-225-5541, or 866-453-0028, or 203-333-6600

Terri Sewell, Alabama, 202-225-2665

Andre Carson, Indiana, 202-225-4011 or 317-283-6516

Jackie Speier, California, 202-225-3531 or 650-342-0300

Mike Quigley, Illinois, 202-225-4061 or 773-267-5926

Eric Swalwell, California, 202-225-5065 or 510-370-3322

Joaquin Castro, Texas, 202-225-3236 or 210-348-8216

Denny Heck, Washington, 202-225-9740

Come join the fight. Congress must reform Facebook and other social media platforms. Get on the phone now, nights and weekends happen to be great times to get though. Start calling and keep calling the members of the Senate and House Intelligence Committees. Demand that Facebook protect our right to voice our opinions. We can all help make the changes that will allow our voices to continue to be heard.

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