Republicans Announce Russiagate Distractions

The recused Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, (R-CA), flanked by Congressman Peter King, (R-NY) and Ron DeSantis, (R-FL) has announced House Intelligence and House Oversight Committee investigations into Russian involvement with uranium deals authorized during the Obama administration.

The New York Times in 2015 incorrectly reported some of the facts pertaining to the purchase of Uranium One, a Toronto-based firm’s mining with interests in Wyoming, Utah and elsewhere in the United States, by Rosatom, the Russian state atomic energy corporation headquartered in Moscow.  Among the inaccuracies in the reporting on the deal was that Rosatom purchased 20% of the US uranium stocks when the purchase was for 20% of the US capacity for mining uranium. There was also the misleading reporting of the role of the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. In fact, Hillary Clinton probably did not participate in the approval process by the United States which required nine government agencies, including the State Department, to approve the deals. The reporting that Uranium One was owned by Rosatom at the time Uranium One made donations to The Clinton Foundation failed to make clear that those donations were made mostly by Frank Giustra who,

Sold all of his stakes in Uranium One in the fall of 2007, at least 18 months before Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State, and three years before the Russian deal.”

Even though this Russian corporation does now control some 20% of US uranium mining resources, this does not mean that Uranium One is able to sell uranium outside of the United States as,

“Russia doesn’t have a license to export uranium outside the United States.”

True to form, the Republican Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Bob Goodlatte, along with the chief Benghazi inquisitor, Trey Gowdy, (R-SC), also announced that the Committee will begin an investigation into the decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton over the email affair.

Chairman Bob Goodlatte and Congressman Gowdy issued a joint statement wherein they said that,

Decisions made by the Department of Justice in 2016 have led to a host of outstanding questions that must be answered.”

The House Judiciary Committee is the appropriate place for the initiation of the process of drafting Articles of Impeachment for the 45th* President of the United States and his Vice President. This House Judiciary Committee has shown no interest in the numerous questions surrounding the election of the present Republican President and Vice President or in the possibility that they have obstructed justice, trying to prevent any governmental authority from finding the truth. Yet the Committee will now dive back into the dead and buried email affair in what seems to be an obvious attempt to distract the public from the rotting mess that is this present administration. These new House Committee investigations will be another attempt to drag Hillary Clinton back under the bus, while also attempting to pull the Obama administration and The Clinton Foundation down with her.

Congressmen Elijah Cummings, (D-MD) and John Conyers, (D-MD), the ranking members on the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees, issued a joint statement that was critical of their Republican colleagues lack of action saying that,

“House Republicans still have not held a single substantive oversight hearing on clear abuses by the President or his top aides. That amounts to ten months of abdication of responsibility—a near total failure to question, investigate, or challenge the President or the White House, including on grave allegations of obstruction of justice.”

Congressmen Cummings and Conyers pointed out that,

“This new investigation is a massive diversion to distract from the lack of Republican oversight of the Trump Administration and the national security threat that Russia poses.”

They went onto add that,

“Apparently, House Republicans are more concerned about Jim Comey than Vladimir Putin.”

While House Republicans are distracting the public from the real Russiagate allowing the House Intelligence Committees to end their focus on on 45th* and his administration,

Republicans are choosing to leave Congress in droves. The Steve Bannon wing of the new Republican Party has declared war on any elected Republican members of Congress not genuflecting to the altar of the ugliness that is the new Republican orthodoxy.  Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) has now been followed by Jeff Flake (R-AZ) announcing their retirements from the Senate. As Mr. Bannon has vowed to primary every Republican Senator other than Ted Cruz (R-TX), more retirements may follow.

There is also disorder in the House as to date there are 3 Republican members of the House who have left office early and 17 who have announced that they will not be running in 2018. There are 21 Republican members of the House who have not yet announced their retirements in 2018 who will be running for reelection in districts won by Hillary Clinton in 2016. Then there is historical precedence which, according to Charlie Cook, shows that,

“History tells us that the president’s party almost always loses House seats, which has happened in 35 out of the 38 midterm elections (92 percent) since the end of the Civil War.”

The Democratic Road takes the view that the chaos being fomented by the 45th* President of the United States and his enablers in Congress and elsewhere, will take an even greater toll at the polls in 2018 than history suggests is already on the horizon. While the Republicans in Congress are currently ramping up their efforts to put the brakes on the Congressional investigations into Russiagate, the Mueller investigation still rolls along. The tired histrionics and new attempts to distract the American public by the Republicans from the inevitable crashing and burning of this administration, is not going to work with the vast majority of Americans. Have patience and keep looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.

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