Democrats Can Drain The Swamp

Many voters are upset over the selections by the new Republican President to fill out his administration, and rightly so. The candidate who promised that he would drain the Washington swamp did the opposite, filing it with a cast of alligators seeking to feed off of the destruction of the agencies they were tapped to... Continue Reading →

Building a Democratic Coalition

Democrats must form coalitions to win: give up to get up. This proposal is simple in concept, but difficult in execution. In reference to our current President, right wing pundits keep saying, “the voters elected” him. Trump did get millions of votes, but the fact is he lost the popular vote. Too many media pundits... Continue Reading →

Moving Forward

Please realize that passing around the stories that 45th* believes 3 to 5 million people voted illegally and that there should be an investigation into this false claim is doing two things; 1) Distracting people from the fact that there should be vigorous Congressional and Department of Justice investigations into the meddling in our election... Continue Reading →

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